Terms and conditions

Put it short the terms and condition can be resumed to a single phrase as it follow

We will provide you the required equipment and you will pay your rent and bring it back in good condition on the set date

Here are the full detail for compliance



  • Booking is not mandatory but is recomended

  • Can be made by phone at + 40 722436401 or  e-mail at rezervari[at]ncort.ro 

  • In all three variants, you will need to specify the date of receipt, the date of return, the name, a phone number and an email address; and of course the type and number of equipment needed.

  • Booking does not create any contractual obligation on your part and for the moment no advance is charged at the time of booking.

  • The booking ensures that the desired equipment is locked in the reservation system and no one else can reserve it. If you cancel for any reason the booking please let us know so we can make the equipment available for other customers.

  • Reservations are made on the "first come, first served" basis on availability

  • We recommend booking at least 7 days before the desired pick-up date especially for crowded periods (weekends with holidays, legal holidays)

  • For large groups (more than 20 people) we recommend booking more than 20 days before departure 

  • The equipment can be rented and directly on the desired date within the limits of their availability.



  • Rental rates are given for each product in the product page.

  • Prices may change and adjust during the season. No change will affect the final confirmed reservations or existing contracts at the date of the change.


Documents and procedure at pick-up

1 - If you are romanian resident you need just an identity card with a valid romanian adress
2 - If you are not romanian resident, you must provide  a valid passport , a copy after your flight back ticket and a  guarantee cash ( depending on the type and type of equipments).


Pick up  and payment

Delivery of the equipment in the 2018 season will be done at our whop in Bucharest, Str. Dumitru Ganovici, No. 14. (see map) from Monday to Friday between 12.00-19.00. Any request for pick-up outside this range will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

If your travelling schedule doesn't fit to the hour we can provide you the equipment at the airport, railway station, hotel or any other point in the Bucharest area. The fee for this service will be 2x Uber tariff calculated from our shop to the desired location during day time and God know how much during night.

At delivery, the equipment is checked with the customer for compliance and the availability of all accessories. Any defect or lack is mentioned in the rental agreement.

Upon delivery, the rental contract will be drawn up and signed, which will include the type and number of rented equipment, rental rates and total payment, possible defects thereof and a copy of the customer identity document.

The payment of the calculated rent will be made in cash when the products are lifted. 

Durata utilizarii

  • The rental day in the reservation system begins and ends at 18.00

  • The actual day of rental can be up to 12 hours higher, so pick up can be done on the morning of the day and return until 20.00 of the day of return without calculating a day of extra rent. Expansion can not be done at both ends of the range

Proper use

  • Equipment should be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and recommended activities. Examples: A 2-person tent will not be used for 3-4 people, or a camping tent will not be used in the high alpine area. Using the equipment for purposes other than those recommended may result in major damage to the equipment and will be charged to the user.



  • Returning the equipment will take place to the agreed delivery locations.

  • Upon return the equipment is checked for compliance and possible defects

  • Minor defects - which may be due to weather conditions or unforeseen events operation (examples: tent straps broken, bent tent pegs, water stains on sleeping bags) will not to be charged to the client.

  • Incorrect operation which will caused  major defects (for example: hole on the bottom foil tent, the tent external foil torn, sleeping bags stained with food, coffee, etc.) will be charged to the customer as repair costs. In the case of major faults, you will also be charged the one day rental fee, ie the day for which the equipment will be removed from the circuits for repair. 

  • Damage to equipment over 30% - is considered irreparable and the customer undertakes to pay the actual market price and the equipment goes into its property.

  • The delay of the return of the equipments by more than 12 hours to the set hour will be considered as 1 day of additional rental and will be charged as a one-day tariff.

  • The delay in handing over the equipment over 5 days without paying the rental fee will be considered as an exit from the contract and the refusal to return the equipment will be considered theft and complained to the Police.

  • Cases of force majeure that can cause a delay in returning equipment (extreme weather events, floods, road blocking, etc.) are communicated by telephone or email to nCort.ro. These will not be considered as late days.


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